Is Not "My Father's Dragon!"
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The due date is looming and the other production is scheduled to start on time, so BIlly redoubles his efforts to get Long-Grin finished. His son, Tyler, no longer the wee lad that slept in his father's arms almost 30 years ago, when Billy sculpted the first Long-Grin, has come on board and fabricated all the dragon's teeth, but time is running out.
With the teeth finally in place, Billy airbrushes the dragon's underside.
Travis checks on BIlly's progress and offers to give Billy an extension, if he needs more time.

Billy and Tyler deliver Long-Grin to Otherworld Cottage on time and on budget on Suday morning, and they install the dragon on the spot.

By noon, they are done,and that leaves Billy the rest of the day to kick back and relax before starting work on the film production on Monday morning.