Long-Grin Debut - 2


So far, so good. The crowd has grown considerably and it's time for the entertainment - in this case, live performances of the three songs then still featured in LONG-GRIN..
Left to right, Travis, David Carr (also playing the piano), Julie Long, Lonnie Snyder and Mary Moyer sing the songs. The dark figure sitting on the stairs in the background, is Adam, Travis' youngest brother.
Left to right, actress, dancer and choreographer Michele Hart, her husband, renown artist and writer Don Rico, Arthur Gribben (behind Don's left shoulder), unknown, and far right, writer, Barbara Snowberger.
The same musical gang as above, except for David's lady friend, Pamela Grant (extreme left) and actress Susan Allison, (extreme right).
Travis' personal friend and musical colleague, David Carr, out from behind the piano at last, with his lovely lady friend, Pamela Grant.