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     Alone in Celtic Myth, alone in the twilight age of heroes, alone in the fabled world of sorcery, romance, and high adventure, is LONG-GRIN, the saga of the Red-backed, Scaly, Black-bellied, Tusked, Batwinged Dragon of the Arthurian cycle. Explore the LONG-GRIN LEGACY -- more than half-a-century of development and prep originally for a proposed theatrical feature motion picture. The current planned novelizations greatly expand the scope of the original work, and introduce more characters than ever before, as well as a significant historical perspective on what is growing into a suspensful fantasy-adventure series.
(Long-Grin is already big, and surely destined to be even bigger,
but as far as the dragon's saga goes, it's still in development.)

     LONG-GRIN was a proposed five-part theatrical series encompassing the entire Arthurian legend. A 1990 version of the screenplay was prepped for production, but the financial package fell apart and the project was shelved. Author Travis Edward Pike will soon begin adapting the series into a collection of fantasy-adventure novels. Click on the image (left), to go behind the scenes, meet the players, see the dragon made in 1984, and the new improved Long-Grin of 2008.

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