Is Not "My Father's Dragon!"
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     Billy is already more than three weeks into Long-Grin's fabrication, and it is beginning to look like he may not make his six week deadline -- which is critical because he is scheduled to start on a new film production then.
     As the scale patterns were approved, BIlly glued them in place. Here, he's left the center ridge unfinished, because it was not yet clear just how tall the spines should be.
     Now, with all the ridges attached, the dragon's skull is a thing of beauty, even without its final subtle colors and shadings -- but there's no room inside the house large enough for that.
     No longer working on individual scales, it has become necessary to move the huge, crocodilian dragon to a larger workspace.
     How big is it? Well, this photo of Billy, wrestling it into its new quarters, gives you a pretty good idea of just how large it has become.