David Carr


Red-backed, Scaly, Black-bellied, Tusked, Bat-winged Dragon
Drinking Song
Love Song

     In February, 1984, Travis asked his good friend, English ex-patriot David Carr, to arrange and play the "English Music Hall" style piano for "The Red-backed, Scaly, Black-bellied, Tusked, Bat-winged, Dragon," "Owen's Drinking Song," and "The Love Song from Long-Grin."  Another English ex-patriot friend, Philip St. John Moores was called upon to engineer the recording session and Philip's father, opera and symphony conducter Michael Moores, dropped in to see how his son was getting along and hearing his accent, Travis immediately drafted Michael to sing along with the rest.  In all, the vocalists, shouters and screamers were David Carr, Michael Moores, Lonnie Snyder, Julie Long, Mary Moyers and, of course, Travis, himself.  Travis' youngest brother, Adam Pike, rescued an old demo cassette of that session so it could be posted online for you to hear.

     In the most recent revision of LONG-GRIN, PART 1: THE COURTSHIP OF PRINCESS GWEN, "Owen's Drinking Song" made the cut, but "The Red-backed, Scaly, Black-bellied, Tusked, Bat-winged, Dragon" and "The Love Song from Long-Grin" did not, but all three are included here for your listening enjoyment.

Michael Moores and Philip Moores
Mary Moyers and Julie Long
Michael Moores, David Carr, and Lonnie Snyder
Michael Moores and David Carr