First Staff Meeting
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Casting Director Claire Newall with
Line Producer/UPM Britt Lomond
     In 1988, writer, producer, director Travis Edward Pike formed his own production company, Otherworld Entertainment Corporation, and began structuring a cross-collateralized three picture package for investers. MORNINGSTONE and GRUMPUSS each have their own web pages (q.v.), but LONG-GRIN was the most expensive and ambitious of them all, and with Travis himself holding the top above-the-line positions, it was imperative that his production staff and department heads had the confidence in him and the credentials required that would make their signatures on their departmental budgets stand up to scrutiny.

     William (Billy) Bryan, who had made the original practical dragon's head, and ASC Director of Photography and Visual Effects Supervisor Peter Anderson, whom Travis met at Disney Studios in 1984, when he was working on the Betsy and Thumper promo, had both already read and approved the screenplay before Travis formed his production company.

     As for Travis' three hats, the writing was done, but if he was to direct the film, he would need a top notch Line Producer/UPM to see to the nuts and bolts while Travis was directing -- and who better than his own mentor, Britt Lomond, 1st AD on PURPLE RAIN (1984), writer and co-producer on SWORD OF HEAVEN (1985), co-producer on CRYSTALSTONE (1987) and UPM on SEVEN HOURS TO JUDGMENT (1988). Britt knew that to raise the money needed for LONG-GRIN, they'd have to get some stars on board, if not "A-List" for the leads, at least a strong supporting cast, to which end he brought in Casting Director Claire Newell), fresh off 1989's FALL OF THE EAGLES.

     Travis Pike with his consulting Director of Photography and Optical Effects wizard Peter Anderson.

     Even then, our special effects were ambitious and Britt Lomond needed to know how we planned to acomplish them.

     Peter Anderson agrees the project is ambitious, but within the realm of possibility and scope of his experience.

     Billy recommends Hank Mayo for the storyboard while he creates a miniature Long-Grin mockup for us.

     When Travis formed Otherworld Entertainment Corporation in 1988, J. Bond Johnson, Executive Producer and CEO of CineMedia International wrote, "Travis is that consumate film maker with the extraordinary skills of writer and director who has a realistic grasp and understanding of the financial requirements for each project."